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​​Booster Club News:

The next meeting will be Aug 1st 6 pm at the Cefalo Center. Discount Cards will be handed out at this time. Also Charlene Lombardo, RN  an Independent Beachbody Health & Fitness coach will be present to discuss how to improve nutrition, sports performance, recovery and overall health. This is also the deadline to hand in profile sheets for all players. We will be ordering merchandise for all players soon.
Without a profile sheet we (the booster club) have no way to know that your child is on the team so that they can be included in items, etc. that we provide.
The Photo Waiver form is necessary so that photos of the team and their events can be taken and published in the newspaper, Facebook, yearbook, program book, etc.

Discount Card sale will begin Aug 1 and end Aug 13th with a blitz before Media Day

Media Day is scheduled for Aug 13th at 12 pm All players should arrive by 11:30 am. Parent volunteers are needed to help out.

Program Ad forms can also be downloaded here:

Business Ad forms: 

See our Schedules tab for the Summer Practice schedule.

If there are any changes to the schedule, Coaches will inform the players.

Message from Coach Norris:

To the members of the PA football Program and their guardians,

We are entering a crucial period of off-season training and conditioning. Full and consistent participation is essential in order to continue to improve as a football program. Below are some thoughts covering our schedule,frequently asked questions and expectations for the next few months.

Later in the summer I will post some thoughts with regards to in-season expectations and schedules. Please review this information, as well as the schedules and contact me with any questions.

A word on vacations:

We will not have a "dead period" this summer. I encourage all players and parents to schedule time off over the summer. Our bodies and minds need rest, and time with your family is important. Please communicate with me on vacation times so we can plan accordingly. ENJOY YOUR VACATIONS.

Calendar dates and times:

Please review the calendar. The published calendar is meant to be a guide. Times can change for a variety of reasons. I utilize Twitter @PAPatriotFB and frequently send mass text messages the players with updates. You don't need to have a Twitter account to view this page. If you would like to be added, please send me a text.

Expectations of Athletes:

 FULL  commitment in off-season training is essential to develop both great athletes and great teams.Success isn't accidental, it is attained through sacrifice and hard work. The athletes that participate in the off-season program are expected to do more than just show up.They are expected to be on time. They are expected to be coachable and respectful to the coaches and staff. They are expected to develop positive relationships with their teammates, and respect each other's personal space...especially in the locker room. They are expected to be accountable for their absence by letting a head coach or postion coach know about it. They are expected to have a great attitude, be enthusiastic and give great effort. These expectations are met and exceeded   by successful programs.

**Failure to meet these expectations can result in disciplinary measures that include: extra conditioning, service project,loss of playing time, suspension and or dismissal from team.

Heat Acclimation Period begins Aug 8th:

All football program participants grade 9-12 are required to participate in all 5 practices (PIAA rule). Failure to do so will lead to ineligibility for the first scrimmage and ultimately the first game. You're choosing to play a demanding sport. In that choice, you are choosing to end your summer on Aug 8th.

Fundraising Events:

Our booster club officers work very hard to organize fundraising events during the summer. Football is an expense  sport and the athletes are the benefactors of these expenses. It is important that the parents and athletes take an active role in the fundraisers.

​Coach Norris can be reached at :


Twitter @PAPatriotFB